Previous Clients


Entecho engaged Click Engineering Services in 2014 when they were developing a full size experimental Personal Electric Hovering Vehicle. The project involved a complex piece of software which had been developed without much regard to industry best practice. Click initially introduced Source Control Management to the project which allowed for the software development to be better structured and for experimental additions to be developed on branches, together with the knowledge that it was backed up and recoverable. Click then went on to work with the board and developed and implemented an approved goal-driven engineering program, subsequently providing day-to-day engineering management, weekly progress tracking, risk analysis as well as agile-based practices.

2015-11-17 17.55.56
Working on Entecho’s HoverPod Prototype

Entecho has since engaged Click to resurrect an early prototype of the electric HoverPod and to integrate an established UAV autopilot with the craft. Click was made responsible for the entire scope of works, and subsequently sourced and assembled a team, developed an appropriate engineering plan and provided daily management and regular updates to shareholders. Click Engineering has introduced innovative technology on to the craft such as telemetry streaming to an iPad, as well as essential structured processes such as weekly and daily system checks, flight records and video logs.



Hipflask is a local Perth startup who are building a socially-connected event guide on iPhone, Android and the Web. Click Engineering Services was engaged to provide software development management services as well as put measures in place to better predict timelines of future work and improve the quality of the product while hipflask was increasing its feature output. This included:

  • Defining business goals and aligning with a development roadmap
  • Implementing software quality processes and checks
  • Recording development progress to aid in future estimates
  • Providing clear and regular reporting on software development and future risks
  • Providing general day-to-day development management

Hipflask also began licensing its technology stack to 3rd parties, and with Click Engineering’s assistance was able to deliver ‘WhiteLabel’ application amongst managing a limited resource pool amongst multiple competing projects.