About Us

Click Engineering Services (CES) is an Australian Company providing multi-disciplinary Engineering Services for software-based project, including Web, Mechatronics, Data Analysis and Automation Systems.

CES provides:

  • Project Management Services, including planning, prioritisation and risk management
  • Full Lifecycle Application and System Development
  • Design and Implementation of Workflow Automation Solutions
  • A ‘full team’ approach to software and engineering solutions

CES aims to provide its clients with a ‘ready-to-roll’ engineering team, capable of solving complex problems using the latest technologies.


Why Click?

CES believes that an Engineering Services company can provide a fully-rounded engineering ‘package’, not just a collection of contractors. Your software is valuable and so needs some element of management, even if not full-time; prioritising, planning and managing risks are too often overlooked when dealing with a single contractor.

CES provides a team to professionally solve engineering problems and deliver systems that are high-quality with all the ‘tech trimmings’ as standard: test suites, build systems, quality tracking, manuals and documentation.


A Fit For Your Business

CES comes with the experience of knowing what is the best value for your business. Software is a complex beast and as a business owner you want to know what the software can do for you.

CES aims to deliver the software required by your business with a priority to maximise the value to the business. That is, we will distill and prioritise what will benefit your business the most according to its goals. CES has experience in mapping business goals to software deliverables so that your budget has the greatest effect.